Doraha College of Education
For the successful internship of pupil-teachers, the college has co-operation of a number of renowned schools of Ludhiana and Doraha. Teacher trainees are sent to different schools according to their medium of instruction. The Principals and the teachers of the teaching practice schools have been giving unconditional support to the future teachers for the past 4 years. Besides teaching pupil-teachers conduct various activities and competitions. A Guidance & Counselling cell has been established in all the teaching practice schools. Some of the schools associated with Doraha College of Education are:
List of Practice Schools Identified for Teaching Practice

1. Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Doraha

2. Sarswati Model Sen. Sec School, Doraha

3. GTB Girls Sen. Sec. School, Doraha

4. Anand Isher Public School, Doraha

5. Khalsa Girls Sen. Sec. School, Doraha

6. Dasmesh Sen. Sec. School, Doraha

7. Mehta Gurukul Public School, Doraha

8. Jujhar Public School, Doraha

9. Doraha Public School, Doraha

10. Arya Putri Path Shala, Doraha

11. Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Doraha

12. Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Kaddon

13. Govt. Sen Sec School for Girls, Sahnewal

14. Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Shahpur

15. Sant Isher Singh Sen. Sec School, Karamsar

16. Chanan Devi Memorial High School. Ludhiana

17. PAU Govt. Sen Sec, School, Ludhiana

18. Shakti Public Sen. Sec. School, Doraha

19. SKS Educational Institute, Ludhiana

20. Govt. Sen. Sec School, Payal